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Stay tuned for news and hi-lights from our line of rolling accessories! Smoke Proper brings you everything you would need to roll your own in one easy to use smoking kit, so sit back relax and get ready to roll.

It's up to the user to take pride in rolling their own, however Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories brings you all the tools you would need to conveniently customize your every smoke. Now you are in control, you can choose the custom length of desired rolling paper and no longer need to buy single wide, 1 1/14, double wide, or king size pre-cut booklets.

Along with including a free roll of rolling paper from industry leaders like RAW & Elements, we have also included smoking accessories hidden within our invention to help you twist everything from a pinner to a cannon. Our product is meant for the on the go smoker, our water resistant scent resistant design allows those who like smoking outdoors the safety of keeping their smoking accessories dry and safe.

Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories is made in the USA!

Send us an email to: info@smokeproper.com

Or visit our site: https://smokeproper.com/

 * Product launching in June * For more information regarding order inquiries use our contact form to send us a message.

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